Pardon the dust!

I have recently redesigned Elevons.Design, so a lot of old blog content will need to work with the new format. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused!

I Built a Coffee Table!

I made a table using 3D printing and traditional wood-working. Combined, it created an organic and beautiful object that fused the digital and the natural.

Eulogy for my Homeland

“Imagine a Caribbean where water is a scarcity because of extended droughts. Then, when the rain does fall, it’s wetter but shorter, leading to catastrophic flooding. Now, visualize for a bit saltwater intrusion associated with rising sea levels, which further reduces the availability of freshwater. In coastal towns — which includes the U.S. Virgin Islands’ three main municipalities: Charlotte Amalie, Frederiksted and Christianted — the problem becomes the towns’ very existence.”