Multimakers: Distributed Manufacturing Kickstarter

I just launched my first Kickstarter!


COVID19 and civil unrest have continued to disrupt global supply chains across the world, throwing manufacturing and distribution into disarray. 


Multimakers is a distributed manufacturing solution built to solve this; by harnessing the power of the crowd we can make sure that PPE and products can continue to be produced in a changing world. The idea is simple: if someone orders 1,000 face masks, then Multimakers connects them with 500 people who can produce two masks a day. Within a single day, that entire order is completed. The buyer gets their products and people can get new jobs helping to make for a good cause. Since the manufacturing is distributed the network can keep producing even when individuals or facilities within the network get sick or are otherwise incapacitated.


Is this exciting to you? Then check out the Multimakers Kickstarter, funding now!


About Kickstarter:

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where people can pledge small (or large) amounts of money to a cause in exchange for rewards like exclusive access, products and more. It has been successful in raising money for movies, games, social justice and more. The catch is that Kickstarter is all-or-nothing: if the project fails to meet its funding goal then none of the funds are collected.


If you’re still interested in this project but can’t donate, you can still help! Please help get the word out by sharing the campaign link on your social networks and help keep production flowing, no matter what happens.

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