Food & Crisis – Metamurmerations 2

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In my first article, “The Metaverse“, I said this;

“For me, the Metaverse is a pre-future simulation, which can enable humanity to create digital twins of potential futures, then use the collective power of our imaginations to invent, design and build societal structures that would be most efficient and beneficial should (or when) those situations occur.”

What better way to describe what I’m talking about than to illustrate it?
This experience is a metaverse describing a future metaverse and may of the related technologies. In it you will explore concepts surrounding;
  1. Digital Twins
  2. Virtual Reality for Industrial Applications
  3. Growing food at sea.

I have pulled upon my Caribbean background to create this experience though it is applicable to anywhere in the world where there is a danger of food insecurity. I hope you enjoy it. Please note that these links are live rooms. You may encounter other people while touring the experience.

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