Product Design

[ideo_wow_title el_title_align=”left” el_title_mobile_align=”left” el_elemnt_style_colors=”{‘title_color’:”}” el_uid=”d6a617af48d3″]Medical Device Design[/ideo_wow_title]

Miniature Medical Device

This project was done for a client that has asked me not to describe it in detail. Concepting was done with a combination of 2D sketching and 3D rough forms.

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Concepting & Blocking

Final Concept Refinement (two of four)

Final Design

[ideo_wow_title el_title_align=”left” el_title_mobile_align=”left” el_elemnt_style_colors=”{‘title_color’:”}” el_uid=”55b7efe49dd7″]Automotive Design[/ideo_wow_title]
Motorcycle 3D Scan
Motorcycle Component Prototyping and 3D Printing
Machineart Aftermarket Motorcycle Completed

Machineart Moto X-Head_LC BMW Cylinder Head Cover

This project was done for Machineart Moto, an aftermarket component manufacturer for BMW motorcycles. I 3D scanned the foam mockup and motorcycle, then rebuilt both in CAD to create the final product.

GrabCAD Supercar System Contest

This project was a contest entry. I sketched out the design in Virtual Reality using Gravity Sketch, then brought it into Modo for final modeling and rendering. The design had to be built around a standard frame. I made two entries – the first was for the B-2 Spirit category, which followed the lines of the B-2 Spirit bomber.

The second was for the “Rookie”, where the contest description read;

“The name says it all, this is the first rung on the Supercar Ladder, Think if it as a ‘Street Jeep’ a ‘Street Fighter’ a ‘SuperMotard’ car crossover. Add very little, use flat glass, Have fun!. Hint see those door panels? They are dying for killer graphics!”

[ideo_wow_title el_title_align=”left” el_title_mobile_align=”left” el_elemnt_style_colors=”{‘title_color’:”}” el_uid=”5f47c38e6b457″]Aerospace Design[/ideo_wow_title]
E-Go Aeroplane Light Aircraft Cockpit Industrial Design Sketches
E-Go Aeroplane Light Aircraft Cockpit 3D CAD Modeling
E-Go Aeroplane Light Aircraft Cockpit Manufacturing and Design
E-Go Aeroplane Light Aircraft Cockpit Production
E-Go Light Aircraft Flight

e-Go Aeroplanes Cockpit

For this project I designed a lightweight CFRP cockpit for a single seat light aircraft in the UK. After my term was up, the final cockpit design was brought to fruition by the rest of the team and the aircraft flew successfully.

[ideo_wow_title el_title_align=”left” el_title_mobile_align=”left” el_elemnt_style_colors=”{‘title_color’:”}” el_uid=”253614b3860f”]Consumer Product Design[/ideo_wow_title]
Sterno Camping Stove Industrial Design Sketches
Sterno Camping Stove 3D Renderings
Sterno Camping Stove Final Result

Sterno Camping Stove Kit

I was the designer and CAD modeler for this Sterno project. It currently has a 4.5 star rating and “Amazon’s Choice” badge on

Hand Guard Patent Drawing Front
Hand Guard Patent Drawing Side
Hand Guard Patent Drawing Assembly

Patent Drawing Services

Images below created for Patent No. USD813729S1.