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The one and only customizable mask. You will be able to upload your video and input your upper lip measurement on the checkout page.

Only one mask can be purchased per order. For multiple masks please submit multiple orders.

For multiple masks for different people please submit a new order per mask. If you would like to buy a backup copy of an existing mask, please send us a message using the Private Messaging feature.

You will be able to select options at checkout.

Please allow up to two weeks for fulfillment.

Free shipping!

If your mask does not pass the candle test, just ask for a free replacement.

Additional information

Weight 75-100 g
Dimensions 125 × 125 × 125 cm

Clear (White), Red, Blue, Black, Green

Strap Style

Around Ear, Behind Head


Yes, No

3 reviews for Mask^2 Custom Mask


    This is the best fitting mask I have tried. It is light weight and comfortable yet it seals tight and is easy to breath through. I wear glasses and it does not steam them up as all the other masks I have tried. The filters are replaceable so it should last longer than Covid.

  2. Cynthia Emerson

    I was very surprised at how light weight and comfortable this mask is! Having it fit to my unique facial configuration is key. It doesn’t fog my glasses and I feel safe from contracting the virus. If preferred, you can easily wear a traditional mask underneath for even more protection, even though it is not needed. You have your choice of colors, straps..behind ears or behind your head and whether you wear glasses. This mask is a great choice for people of all ages!

  3. Jeffrey green (verified owner)

    I just received my mask today and its pretty awesome! Very light weight, comfortable and stylish. I needed a mask to wear while I travel and this was the perfect choice. I 100% recommend this product to anyone who needs to wear a mask especially for a long period of time and who just wants to look cool doing their part during this Covid crisis.

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