It’s a map of intelligence on Earth. Humanity as a whole is represented by the pink and blue half-circle. Blue represents masculine, pink is feminine.

If we take the predominant western origin story of first man, then woman from man, the gradient’s orientation reflects the female form being an evolved state of man.

Above the half sphere is a spectrum, which represents the two sides of thought. Flow is organic, artistic thought. It can also be represented by animals with a pure id.

Order is machine, or pre-determined thought. It is where thought is created for the purpose of creating it. A chatbot or search algorythm would fit in here – something that is built from the engineering style of thinking.

At the center of this spectrum is the human, who can choose between flow or order. Rising from that human is a spectrum, which ends with the cyborg leaving the planet.

The lines to the left and right of the central axis represent two types of people, two thoughts coming together, to form a point on the line halfway to the cyborg.

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