Computer Graphics


My main responsibility at Wayfair is managing a team of artists who create imagery for our shopping experience. However I have had the pleasure and opportunity to create a few images of my own for our website.

GrabCAD Supercar System Contest

GrabCAD Supercar System Contest This project was a contest entry – for more information on the design and more renderings, check out my “Product Design” page.

Venus.Aero Trailer

One of my main hobby projects is working on a flight simulator set on the planet Venus. Below is a trailer I put together for the concept. More information and images are available at the game’s website, Venus.Aero.

Venus.Aero Cockpit Image
Venus.Aero Trailer Concept

Visteon Car Interior Contest

This project was a contest entry to develop the “Car Interior of the Future”.

Visteon Car Interior
Visteon Car Interior HUD

The Foundry Spaceship Contest

This model was created as a contest entry on The Foundry’s (maker’s of MODO) website. The Lunar Elevator poster was created as a promotional item for a space elevator Kickstarter.

Lamp Renders

My job was to reverse engineer an existing lamp and then create these photorealistic renderings of it.

Rendering of the Transmission Lamp
Rendering of the Transmission Lamp